Monday 31st December 2012 - Married for 2026 days

Gift List

So despite telling you all that your presence and effort to share our special day really is the best gift ever some of you have moaned so much that we've finally sorted this area out. Basically we've lost the run of ourselves and booked a once in a lifetime honeymoon flying out biz class to Richard Branson's Ulusaba Makwela Suite for 3 nights of South African Safari - before heading over to Mauritius for 7 nights of beach bliss in a junior suite on stilts at the fabulous -

We are actually a little bit more excited about this holiday than the wedding itself!! We leave on the 8th March 2013 to give us a bit of time to get sorted with work etc

So if you really do want to gift us anything then we've gone through the itinerary of both places and basically itemised every single ridiculous thing that we'd enjoy doing if money were no object. The beauty of the way this works is you can contribute any amount you like and it goes directly to a specially set up up Honeymoon Fund account which will only be used for decadence and indulgence and general living it up in either South Africa or Mauritius and we'll be able to post the pics on this site as proof when we return!


But if you just can't help yourself then feel free to explore the heavenly honeymoon options below.

A wee note on the admin of this - when you make the honeymoon contribution it brings you back to this site with a standard thank you message as if it's from us - obviously we give sincere thanks but the crap technology doesn't allow us to gush our own actual message of thanks - we can't even put kisses on the end!!

So if you are bold and contribute something we will obviously send a personal thank you post wedding madness but in the meantime please feel the appropriately English handshake of thanks and appreciation from Rob and inappropriate Irish squeals and hugs of thanks from Emma. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Honeymoon Gift List

Date Description Cost Options
You could contribute to some fancy new designer sunglasses so we can keep up with the Bransons ;-) Total price is for two pairs. Now, Chanel or Gucci?
£240.00 Pay Towards
You could contribute to some swanky his and hers suitcases. They're £75 each and assuming we need 3 for shoes and 1 for clothes that's 4 in total :-)
£0.00 Purchased
Rob has been researching fabulous cameras to capture our safari experience but hopefully they won't be so far away that we need the lenses he's looking at! So you could make your contribution to the stonking price tag of what he's looking at. Eat your heart out David Bailey.
£400.00 Pay Towards
Don't under estimate the pleasure in the fine detail. You could contribute to a taxi to the heathrow express so we don't have the hassle of tubes as we jet off to pure bliss...
£0.00 Purchased
You could contribute to return tickets for 2 on the extortionately expensive but terribly efficent and exciting Heathrow Express. Africa here we come!
£0.00 Purchased
This is pure indulgence but it is the holiday of a lifetime so what the hell. You could contribute to a cheeky bottle of champers at the airport. Don't mind if we do!
£0.00 Purchased
So by the time we've arrived at the airport we'll be missing our canine and feline children - sad we know! But we'll be comforted by their lovely dog nanny living in while we're away and spoiling them rotten @ £35 a night x 10 nights so you could contribute to peace of mind doggy daycare.
£0.00 Purchased
So if we want to be total show offs and get to the lodge (and champagne) even quicker on arrival we can swap the road transfer to a small plane and get there in 35 mins. That's an extra £85 each each way so you could contribute to a Bond lifestyle through this option.
£340.00 Pay Towards
Should we really have a champagne breakfast in bed or on our private terrace overlooking the lagoon EVERY morning? Well you could contribute to one you bold children @ £75 over a possible glorious 10 (tipsy!) mornings.
£600.00 Pay Towards
Once in a lifetime trip to an Elephant orphanage. Rob has already put his foot down and said we can't have one which is pretty unreasonable if you ask me. Anyway, you could make a contribution to the £300 cost which includes an elephant ride and picnic at Hippo Hollow with these amazing animals.
£0.00 Purchased
Lush luncheons....we're booked on half board in Mauritius so you could contribute to a leisurely beach lunch (to soak up the breakfast champers ;-) @ £30 of a possible 7 days in paradise.
£0.00 Purchased
Sundowners, Woo Woos, Mai-Tais, Screwdrivers and of course - Sex on the Beach! Cocktails will be an essential part of the experience. You could contribute to a round of cocktails which rather scandalously are on a par with london prices @ £20 a round.
£0.00 Purchased
Romantic candlelit dinner on the beach. Ah bless. You could contribute to gooey eyed champagne, cocktail and fine wine fueled a la carte romance in the sunset @ £150 a dinner. Don't think we should do more than 3 of these or the other guests might get jealous. Feel like we should also put a caveat in at this stage that we're not actually alcoholic lushes and do work very very very hard when we're not on holidays of a lifetime celebrating 12 years of true love :-)
£450.00 Pay Towards
Saddle up! So we don't completely undo all the wedding body effort we could have a wee canter down the beach every day and go swimming in the warm mauritian waters on horseback. You could contribute to the cantering @ £15 per person per ride.
£120.00 Pay Towards
To counter act the saddle sores we could take advantage of the hotel's AMAZING spa and you could contribute to some decadent pampering at £80 a treatment per person. Yum!
£270.00 Pay Towards
Tee off. OK - if we're going to get Rob on the horsies and married life is all about compromise then I guess this could be the opportunity to finally pick up one of those funny metal club things. But only if I get to drive that dinky wee cart thing round the green. So you could contribute to a daily golf lesson for two at £100 a session. I don't think England ever produced a Rory though ;-)
£700.00 Pay Towards
I guess we shouldn't go all that way without experiencing some culture so you could contribute to a Mauritian sight seeing tour. Bring on the culture!
£75.00 Pay Towards
Direct from their website.... You could contribute to a Sommelier Coup de Coeur Wine Dinner - a wonderful and tasting five-course menu with matching wines from around the world. A gastronomic treat for the senses...
£0.00 Purchased
Taxi! So by this point you have all contributed to a memory that will keep us going for ever and ever amen as a truly unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. But the reality of hitting London Paddington will be greatly eased by a taxi direct to our wee Hampstead home.
£0.00 Purchased