Monday 31st December 2012 - Married for 2026 days

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You can post any messages to us here for posterity and to keep us excited even though its soooooo long away!! :-) The contact us section can be used if you want to do a private message. x

margaret mckeen - 3 January 2013
Mr and Mrs Desborough Thank you for the BEST wedding I have ever been to it was fab and a great day and night was had by all What a way to bring in 2013 Big Hugs all the McKeens

Lizzie Haigh-Reeve - 25 November 2012
Very excited that we'll be sharing your amazing day. Have blubbed my way through your family profiles and now can't wait to see you all

Jane Pyper - 12 May 2011
I have just had a wee blub about all the lovely things you have said about your families and your friends! Well done you, your site is funny and your words are beautiful! When I get married I believe I will be consulting you for wedding planning! xxx

Cal Courtney - 29 April 2011
I'm so excited! We should stream the reception LIVE to the internet so people who can't get to sligo can see ;)

Carol Courtney - 17 April 2011
My gorgeous sister and soon-to-be brother in law! I'm so, so excited about the wedding and absolutely delighted to be able to be a part of your celebration. You are two such amazing people who have a truely special relationship. I have a feeling NYE 2012 will be the party to end all parties! Loads of love to you both Wee sis xxx

melanie - 17 April 2011
I LOVVVVVVE your website! AHHHHHHHH! so excited!

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