Monday 31st December 2012 - Married for 2026 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Here's some info on our brilliant bridal party so you know who everyone is on the day. Although the day is of course about Rob and I, it is also very much a celebration of the love and support and amazing friendships we have with all of you. Our families are hugely important to us and they and the friends below have truly gone above and beyond - we are so glad to have you all in our lives and to be able to celebrate that here and at the wedding. xx

Best Man
The main man...

Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson Responsible for introducing Rob and Emma this boy knows where all the bodies are buried! Also responsible for hospitalising Rob twice over the last ten years which does not bode well for the stag!!! Asides from all that Andy is a much loved and very fabulous mate combining a unique blend of rugged Scottish charm with an outrageous sense of humour and infectious enthusiasm for life. Rather worryingly he has been described as the male version of Emma...

The four angels accompanying Emma down the aisle...xx

JillyWhat can I say? Arrived at 'big school' feeling very daunted at the grand old age of 11 in 1990. Being horsy mad I was pleased to meet another girl from a different primary school who was also very into horses. I had tickets for a musical thing in Bangor Leisure centre the first week of school but noone to go with. Roger suggested I invite this new girl from school I'd mentioned. I was too mortified obviously. So Roger called her mum and asked could she go to the show with me. He came off the phone and said Jill had a clarinet lesson that night - (she was really good BTW and hasn't played in years - what a waste!) - and I actually still remember feeling all disappointed ...but... then he said that her mum could leave her down after the lesson which would still be on time to see the show. And that really was that. We've been best friends ever since. We got our horses (Tango and Robbie) from and kept them at the same yard, we spent most of our secondary school careers going through parents evenings where every fecking teacher said I was a bad influence on Jill - (it took me years to convince Kate her mum I was a nice person really!) and have gone through every up and down from first love to family and personal shite and come out the other end. Jill is nearing the end of her studies to become an air traffic controller at the moment - She's the only person I know who's done an exam in Clouds. She gave up everything she knew in Northern Ireland to move to England where she knew nobody taking a drastic cut in salary to follow her dreams. I'm hugely proud of her and couldn't wish for a better best friend. She is the female version of Rob if that's possible - endless patience, brilliant sense of humour (though usually at my expense :-), fantastically talented and very warm and loving. She also has a gorgeous black lab called Lucy.
MelanieMy oldest continuous friend, Mel and I have been chums since I moved to Kilmaine Primary in about 1985 we were 7. It's amazing our friendship has been so strong and lasted so long given my earliest memories of her are standing side by side whilst my mum gave us both singing lessons - Melanie was a star pupil whilst I basically got shouted at the entire time for singing through my nose (like an american ;-) and the like. We did the whole singing festival thing which eventually led us both to glittering careers in the school plays and latterly in the local am dram groups. We were put in separate classes at secondary school from the arbitrary system of being divided in classes by surname but although we met and developed plenty of other fantastic friendships we always kept in touch. Mel went to Glasgow uni and spent some time in France where she met her gorgeous now husband Tom. Despite them both settling in England when we were still in Northern Ireland we all made the effort to meet up and always determined to do it more often given the fun and madness unleashed every time we got together. When we moved to London it was a huge comfort knowing Mel was in the same city. She is the only person I know who can make the lost property gym kit at school look fashionable. She is one of the most gentle and beautiful people I know but also one of the funniest. As a primary school teacher she is amazing with kids and I'm quite sure that's because children can intuitively see that Mrs Brown (Nee Megaw!) is a very special magical woman.
LeahMy heavenly horsy chum - Leah and I first came across each other many moons ago competing against each other on the international pony showjumping circuit (The Gransha friday night league and Kircubbin et al shows ;-) It wasn't until we landed part time jobs together at the newly arrived Pets at Home store in Bangor in 1994 as fellow livestock assistants that our friendship really took off. United by hangovers and an obligatory mcdonalds every Sunday morning pre shift for more than 6 yrs working together (the ideal animal lovers part time school and uni job!) Leah was a formative part of my real ‘growing up’ years. Of course being great mates with Leah also makes you an honorary Breadon family member and many a wild night has been had in her mummy’s house over the years and elsewhere with the wider Breadon clan members. Indeed, it was a Breadon family member who rescued me from one of the darkest periods of my life when my beloved grandparents and two old horses all died within a 6 month period in 2005. Lots of people didn’t know what to do with me but Leah wasn’t deterred and knew exactly what I needed. A strong focus and a huge dose of equine love. Enter Big Willy. Leah’s infamous uncle Bobby had a ‘young horse that just needs a wee bit of work’ and he happened to be looking for a rider around the time my life was falling apart. Leah ‘volunteered’ me despite my protests and before I knew it she had me in the car ‘just to meet the wee horse – no pressure or anything’ …. So I met the ‘wee’ horse (and uncle Bobby!) and despite the fact he was 18 hands of pure muscle (the big willy name comes from him being named after the Irish rugby player Willy John McBride and because he’s a pretty enormous horse) and a complete pain in the arse and I looked like a pea on a barrel on him and he basically carted me round every show we ever went to – it was love at first sight. That ‘wee’ horse and everything Leah and the Breadon clan did around supporting that love helped me to wake up every day and realise that life must and does go on. Leah is the friend who makes me feel like I’m 13 again playing with ponies and that life is really as simple as that. She was there at the birth of all my canine babies (providing much needed red wine sustenance and encouragement through 12 cocker spaniel pups coming into the world) She reminds me of the important stuff like family, loyalty, truth and love and that all the rest of it is nonsense. We actually don’t see each other that often these days but like all the best friendships – when we’re together nothing changes.
Carol1985 was a big year in the history of the world. The coal miners strikes ended, the first mobile phone call was made in the UK by Ernie Wise, Microsoft released the first version of windows, Back to the Future and The Colour Purple were released, Eastenders began and You’ll never walk alone was no.1 in the charts. It was also the year Carol Anne Marie Courtney came into the world. I was 7 and very excited about having a new sister. And despite the fact she poked out my Teddy Ruxpin’s eyes (an act which I have never truly gotten over but therapy helps) she has always been an amazing person and is quite honestly the perfect sister. Given the other two women she grew up round (mum and me!) Carol is remarkably sane and sorted. She is a unique combination of someone who is both hugely intelligent from an intellectual stand but also blessed with a sensitive and highly tuned emotional intelligence. Having studied astrophysics (as you do) at uni she was head hunted to a big accountancy firm where she realized after a couple of years that tax and accountancy for the rest of her life was really not rocking her world. So, like the brave and fabulous woman she is, she changed that world and decided to become a science teacher. I am immensely proud to share the gene pool of this incredible young woman. She is kind and funny and beautiful in every way. I’m not the easiest big sister to grow up with – life is always full of drama but Carol has managed this drama her whole life with the grace and good humour that only someone who loves unconditionally and without judgment can. From the little girl whose nappy I used to change (they were gross by the way for all her angelicness now and I’m quite sure part of the reason I can’t bring myself to think about babies!) to the woman she is today and tomorrow I wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Rob's folks...

Janey and Richard
Janey and RichardSo this is a bit difficult. Technically Rob should be writing this bit about his family but if it was left to him it would read: ---------- ---------------- -------------------- ------------------ --------------------------- Father – Dr Richard Desborough----------Mother – Janey Desborough -------------- -------------- Splendid parents ------------- ------------------------- ---------------- He can’t help it – it’s the English and Desborough way! But that would look a bit crap after my Irish gushing on all our side therefore I’m going to tell you a little about Rob’s folks based on discussion with him which he wants to put a disclaimer on but is actually what he thinks and feels……………… Richard is a consultant anaesthetist who is still working away simply because he loves his job and is bloody good at it. One of my favourite stories is of him being told off last year for not answering some random useless email in the hospital despite the fact that Richard doesn’t do email – literally – he doesn’t have an email address and refuses to do so to the point where ‘management’ have given up – there’s a saying in Norn Iron it reminds me off – No surrender! ;-) The son of a Yorkshire headmaster and teacher Richard went to Cambridge uni and was in a cool band where he played clarinet rather fabulously as he studied medicine. Richard was working in a hospital where he met his future father in law Dr Holloway. Richard and Janey married on Sept 15th 1973 so at midnight on our wedding day they'll be entering their 40th wedding anniversary year - wow!!! Janey is one of the few people I know who is a genuine Londoner. She was brought up in Hampstead Garden Suburb and was a talented musician from an early age. She had the potential to be a concert pianist and studied at the Royal College of Music until a horrible music teacher dented her confidence and then she met Richard and quickly became the very busy mother of three super boys. Rob was born in 1976, Will in 1979 and a wee late one in Andy in 1988. They lived and worked in America as part of Richard’s work when Rob was 2 for a couple of years where Richard tells us he lost some weight simply by switching to slimline tonic in his gin – you read it here first folks – medically confirmed – gin makes you thin…They moved to the wonderful family home of Risdons in Taunton complete with full size cricket net in the early 80’s and brought up their gorgeous family. As parents they are completely devoted and everything they do is in some way linked to helping our happiness. They have been an enormous support to us all over the years and although as a family they rarely say it or do the whole Irish let’s hug and kiss every 4 seconds thing I know that there is a huge amount of love and warmth there. They have a lovely flat in London down the road from us so we get to see them a good bit for Rob roasts and lots of lovely restaurants and pubs. Between this wedding, little Finlay coming into the world and Andy moving down to London so we’re all here now , Janey and Richard have incredibly full lives. Janey sings in a fantastic choir and Richard enjoys the rugby and cricket as he (marginally!) cuts back on full time working life. I’m not sure when their first born son arrived that a mad Irish woman was what they had in mind for their pride and joy but they have welcomed me into the clan and put up with the madness with typical Desborough grace, patience and good humour. They are an inspiration as parents and we couldn’t have done what we’ve done in our lives without them. xxxxxxxx
Will, Lou & Finlay
Will, Lou & FinlayOne of Rob's favourite stories about Will is how he fell out of a car on a Somerset rd at speed when he was about 3 and lived to tell the tale! Another favourite is Will nearly cutting his thumb off once trying to cook and being bitten by a husky dog - all of which Rob appears to have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing! However, despite these near death child hood experiences and having to stick Rob as a big bro Will is all grown up and now a proud and fabulous daddy to Finlay and husband to the very lovely Louisa - how grown up!! Will is a hugely talented musician (in fact all the Desboroughs are except for Rob - what's that about?!) and so it was a given that he'd follow a career into music. However - after ten years he, like my wee sis, realised that although the music was still his passion, the industry wasn't. So, having the courage of his convictions he branched out on a freelance role that has allowed him to pursue his talent for and wish to be a teacher which he'll be fab at because as well the whole great with kids thing he was also the sports king back in the day so will be able to take both music and all the sports classes after school - it'll be a lucky one that gets him :-) His gorgeous wing woman - my future sister in law! is Louisa aka Lou. A very successful health PR Louisa has managed the communications of some of the most high profile NHS stories over the years. She has two brilliant sisters and her mum is a saint who took me home early on Louisa's hen night when I'd put away enough red wine to sink a ship and needed my bed at about 9pm! Louisa's daddy is a dentist so as well as being very beautiful she has fab teeth! She's also mischievous and fun, creative and kind and I'm really looking forward to our continued friendship over many years to come. Will and Lou's wee baby is a wee dote - (that's Irish for very cute and cuddly and adorable) and we can't believe that he'll be nearly 2 when we get married - watch this space in case there's another addition to Will and Lou's brood! xxxxxx
AndyAndy is the youngest Desborough and you know the way 'there's always one' in every family? He's it! Andy is def the Desborough most in touch with his Irish roots - imagine having Rob and Will and then this wee red head popping out! Like Will and unlike Rob Andy is an amazing musician and plays violin in a london orchestra. He does this for fun though because his real ambition is to land a political role in Westminister preferably as PM. Indeed he stood as a Conservative candidate when at Liverpool uni!! Andy moved down to London at the end of last year and has done some very impressive internships with some major orgs such as Ipsos Mori and Civic Agenda - he's an excellent researcher and knows all the social media scene so by all means if you'd like to offer him a job send us a message though the site ;-) Andy is by far the most outspoken of the three brothers but he is passionate about the causes he believes in. He has spent two summers, one in Zanzibar and one in Brazil teaching kids from disadvantaged backgrounds the violin. He is fiercely independent, hugely ambitious and ready to take over the world - oh to be 22 again!! He is the only person under 80 that I know who smokes cigars and can drink like an 80 yr old Irishman. I've known Andy since he was 12 which is hugely scary (even scarier is that Rob has known Cal since he was 4!!) and I have always enjoyed his company and razor sharp wit. Life is never boring with Andy about and we are very very proud of everything he's accomplished thus far and so looking forward to celebrating his future happiness and success. xxxxxx
Baby Finn
Baby FinnFinlay gets his own pics because he is less than two months old when we're posting this and is the apple of all our eyes at the moment :-) Rob and I are so chuffed with our little nephew and wish him so much happiness with his wonderful mummy and daddy and forever - yay!! xxxxxxxxxxx PS - before any of you start - as drop dead gorgeous as he is and as much as Rob and I are looking forward to spoiling him rotten... the biggest appeal is being able to give him back and have a good nights sleep so don't even go there! ;-) xx
Finn This wedding malarkey is all very tiring... x
FinnEnough with the camera's already! xx

Emma's folks...

Mum Anyone who knows us of old knows that mum and I have had a tumultuous relationship over the last 32 years to say the least! Indeed, between the ages of about 14-21 mum and I could have given the cold war a run for its money ;-) However, throughout the madness we have never (though I would only have admitted it under torture at the time :-) stopped loving each other ferociously. My mum met the biological sperm donor (the man who ‘fathered’ me) and had me pretty young at just 20 – she had put up with his violence for years but when I came along decided that she was not going to put me at risk from living with him and did a hugely brave thing in leaving him for good whilst we moved in with my grandparents before she got us our own wee flat. She tells me how scary this was at the time but how she would have done anything for me and that having me there made everything worth it. She also tells a rather hilarious story of feeling very down one day because the hoover had packed up and there was no man to fix it and crying and then thinking – right, this is ridiculous, I don’t need a man to fix the bloody hoover. So she took it apart and worked on it and eventually turned it on and it worked. Apparently I (about 3 at the time) had been watching all of this and as she danced round the room whooping told her very seriously, ‘that was very astute of you mummy.’ Mum says she nearly died and thought I was a child genius and had to phone Granny and tell her about this 3 year old that had used the word astute in context – god knows where I’d heard the word before but I’m sure to this day my love of words and good vocab comes from these early imprints and being the mini adult chum in mums life at that time. So from there mum got a good job selling advertising for the Belfast Telegraph while she put herself through university. In order to do this she had to go back to school as a mature student to do her music A Level. With granny’s help looking after me mum got her grades and went on to get her music degree from Queen’s university in her mid 20’s. Following this mum entered her destined career of fundraising and PR for charities. As the Head of Fundraising at the Simon Community, Save the Children and the Ulster Cancer Foundation, Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and latterly working alongside Roger raising hundreds of thousands and the profiles of so many charities in Northern Ireland mum’s natural people skills and amazing drive and talent have quite literally changed so many people’s lives for the better and made a real difference in the world. She met Carol’s dad Leonard during university and I was a bridesmaid at their wedding! That didn’t work out which is just as well or she would never have met the love of her life and my true daddy in Roger. They got together when I was 11 but it wasn’t till one hungover (me not them) morning 7 years later BC (‘before Cal’ and only just) that mum started annoying me one morning to get up. After the third time she’d encroached in my sacred room space saying I really should get up I snapped back at her to piss away off and what drugs was she taking coming in at 11am (practically the middle of the night) doing my head in about getting up when it was Saturday to which she responded that I could be like that if I wanted but that her and Roger were getting married in two hours and they’d really me to be there!! So in what really was third time lucky they got hitched in a secret ceremony without even telling my grandparents – don’t think Rob and I would get away with that! But that is so mum’s style – spontaneous and independent – and never a dull moment. With all this going on over the years mum’s musical career and gift was also a major part of our lives. As a professional singing teacher (who taught Mel my bridesmaid and tried in vain to teach me) she sang with Castleward Opera and other groups for many years. She has also sung in countless weddings and funerals and sang with such beauty and strength at her own parents funeral’s (who always adored her singing) despite how enormously difficult it was for her. Losing her parents was a terrible time for mum not least because she’d lost her brother (my wonderful uncle Charles) to cancer just two years earlier and her sister Cathy dying when she was 21 in a car accident and all those memories coming back and then I took their death very badly so mum in typical fashion focused on helping me through my grief rather than being able to work through her own. A couple of years later (just three years ago) mum was visiting us in London when she collapsed in the airport and spent 6 weeks in a London hospital while they diagnosed a dehabilitating illness called Labrynthitis. The illness left her unable to live an everyday life affecting her balance and concentration. This has been an incredibly frustrating and difficult time for mum but she is coming out the other side and we are quite sure will be fighting fit and much more like herself by NYE 2012 :-) I’ve had people meet mum for the first time who know me and the response is always the same – now I understand! Occasionally when anyone wants to wind me up they’ll talk about how alike mum and I are - to much eye rolling and poo pooing from me. The truth is though that if I could be even half the woman my mother is I’d be a happy girl. She has taught me every important lesson in life. To stand up for what I believe in. To love fearlessly and passionately. To achieve anything I set my heart on. To be independent and to create my own luck and opportunities. To be a good friend. To be generous and kind (I have witnessed her in ladies toilets giving away a £50 bottle of perfume to someone who’d smelt hers and said it was gorgeous!) and to never walk past someone in need if I can help. To laugh lots and drink champagne when there’s nothing to celebrate because every day is something to celebrate. To sing with joy and not give a shit what the world thinks about you as long as you know yourself and those that love you and you love know what’s really going on. Her unwavering belief in me and complete love have cushioned me through the best and worst times in life. Even when she was the worst enemy in the world during my teenage angst I knew all this because that mother daughter bond has been embedded in my heart from birth, now and forever. Love you mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dad aka Roger
Dad aka RogerWhere do I start?! This is the man who convinced mum that I could have a pony and went without to make my dreams come true buying Tango and then spent the next 6 years ferrying me around various yards and horse shows despite knowing nothing about horses. This is the man who brought Cal into our lives, who took Carol and I to Disneyland for the first time, who came to every play and concert, who played guitar endlessly for every birthday party sing song, who kept the peace year after year when war broke out between mum and me and has had my back for more than twenty years. This is the man my friends call Ned Flanders after Homer Simpson’s diddly diddly dee guitar playing Christian neighbour on The Simpsons because he’s just so ridiculously nice. And whether it was God or some other spiritual force they certainly broke the mould when they created Roger. Roger wrote a hymn called The Pollen of Peace when he was just 18 meeting the pope as a result (not bad for an oul prod and securing him immediate adoration from my granda!) and has continued over the years to do a huge amount towards peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland most recently producing an album of his music the proceeds of which all go the Corrymeela Community. Happiest when either writing his books (ranging from radical presbyterianism (don’t ask!) to how to be a good charity CEO…) or writing and playing music (he’s had two albums made now and will hopefully have a third under his belt by the wedding) Roger’s hobbies and talents are endless. His love of books and reading has resulted in an entire wing of the house being devoted to his library and office and still they overspill into the rest of the house. Professionally I’ve had the pleasure of working with him over the last year or so. In true Roger fashion he doesn’t believe in telling clients what to do – he has an amazing ability to unlock their potential and help them to help themselves which is infinitely more powerful and leaves them in a much stronger and more sustainable position when we leave them. This is the approach that Roger brings to every aspect of his life as one of the most unselfish people I’ve ever met who truly wishes the best for everyone. In 1998 he got an MBE for his services to homeless people having been Chief Executive of the Simon Community where he transformed two small run down houses for people who are homeless with a staff of three, to an organisation with a turnover of over £2million, over 200 staff and accommodation projects for homeless people all over Northern Ireland. He set up his own consultancy thirteen years ago with the support of mum. That decision was a brilliant example of their team dynamic and love. They didn’t know if his business would be successful but took the risk anyway with mum in her full time role to have a steady wage – of course they never looked back but that approach of supporting each other’s dreams and knowing that anything worth having is worth fighting for is something that has always touched me. During mum’s illness Roger has been the one who has kept everything and everyone together. He has recently developed a very bad case of psoriasis on the skin of his hands and feet and been unable to play his beloved guitar. But through his own pain he has characteristically kept going and being the pivot on which our entire family rests. Roger has taught me lots about love and patience and living a good and full life. He has made me laugh and he has held me when my heart was breaking stopping to put my world back together when I needed it. He has developed a close friendship with my husband to be over the last decade no doubt united in their stories of living with and loving the Courtney women. He is one of my best friends. He challenges me and he guides me and he loves me unconditionally. I know he would do anything for me, mum, Carol and Cal. When he walks me up the aisle I will feel like the luckiest daughter in the world that it is him by my side in that precious moment. He is everything a fantastic father should be and I’m so glad he’s my daddy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CalSo it's not what you expect your mother to tell you when you're 18 - that she's pregnant!! Tristan Calisto Mandela Courtney (Cal!) will be 16 when Rob and I tie the knot but he will always and forever remain my baby brother. Rob is constantly telling me I have to stop referring to Cal as 'the child' given he's coming 15 and about a cm off being the same height as me. I'm trying very hard on that one but it's really very difficult that 'the child' keeps growing and that time passes in such an instant. Where is that that little baby who used to pee at the worst moment straight up in the air when we were changing his nappy? Where is the little boy who used to mortify me when the only thing he could say was 'mama' and insisted on saying it loudly every time I took him out anywhere drawing sympathetic stares for the teenage mum who was clearly pretending to be the child's sister?! Where is the little boy who made us all cry on his first day of school when mum texted the pics of him in his uniform? Where is the little boy who would insist on riding my horses that were wild too big for him and having to loop the stirrup leathers round about 7 times before they'd fit his wee legs?! Where is the little boy who spent I'm quite sure about the first ten years of his life naked - I mean we're quite a naked family (much to Rob's trauma) but as a baby and I'm sure up till about 8 Cal took this outlook to the max and had a clear aversion to clothes - the evidence of which has been captured for future 21st and 40th birthdays and of course his own stag night - you can always count on your big sister :-) It would appear that what has happened to this little boy (who was 4 when Rob and I got together) is that he is rapidly growing up into one of the most amazing young men on the planet. I know I'm clearly biased but I have never met so much talent in one so young. Cal is an amazing musician, talented film maker and awesome circus performer (he goes to circus school 3 times a week). He can build websites and design adverts, he's a great singer and he's a clever wee sod too. Cal regularly flies over (alone- which I could never done from 11 yrs old!) to spend time with Rob and I and the dogs in London and some of our most fun times are in his company. Having lived beside Hampstead Heath for 3 years Cal was the first person to make me go swimming in the famous ponds thus completing my initiation as a true Heath resident. I was petrified that some big fish would eat us and it was bloody cold but Cal in customary adventurous fashion simply dived right in and told me off for being such a girl. What I love about Cal is that he embraces life with an exuberance and sense of adventure that is completely infectious and fearless. He has had to deal with a lot and grow up a bit quicker with mum being sick the last few years but he just got on with it and under that effervescent personality is a mature and sensitive wee soul who gives the best hugs ever and whom we love very very much. From not being sure about the whole new baby in the family thing nearly 15 years ago I simply can't imagine a world without my wonderful little brother. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mum & Roger & Cal
Mum & Roger & CalHave to give them their own profiles obviously but I love this pic :-) x
CarolHave already talked about Carol above so these are some lovely sister quotes that remind me of her. xx ----------- ----------- Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply... ~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814 ---------------- ------------------ ---------------------- I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones. ~Author unknown, attributed to a 4-year-old named Lauren --------------- ------------- ----------- She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child. ~Barbara Alpert ---------------- --------------- -------------------------A ministering angel shall my sister be. ~ William Shakespeare

The ring bearers...
Our children...

Penny A Harlequinn Great Dane of distinction - Lady P has got it all. A real daddy's girl who's happiest curled up on the sofa after a good gallop on the heath.
Ella A red and white Bassett Hound. Willful, bold and utterly adorable. Ella is at her happiest rolling in unspeakable smells, eating pizza and then curling up on the nearest lap.