Monday 31st December 2012 - Married for 1999 days

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This is where we get to ask you guys for feedback on all things wedding - and a good juicy conundrum to start our poll off - how many of you think I should move on a letter from Ms C to Mrs D... - see below! You can just put 'Anon' in the name box if you don't want to admit to your response ;-) More to come... xxx

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Question 1 - Tricky one this with already having had 3 surnames in life, the business brand and being a bit feminist and independent - would value your opinions! So - should I take Desborough as my surname after we're married?!!

Full list of responses:
Mammy : definately Desborough - I have bewen thinking of you in that 'role' forever - forget the feminism - you can still keep your business and professional nom de plume ?? Courtney - but privately and publically you should be a Desborough. I absolutely welcame R
Mammy : Whoops -= That message just went on it's own!!!!! I - we - love Rob and look forward to officially welcoming him as a son in law and brother in law!!!! Love Mammy x
Lina Levtov : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courtney it's an amazing surname.. and the brand of your company!!!! When you sing the mail with the same surname of you company.... you say i'm the boss, what will be lost if you use Rob's surname!!! Sorry Rob!!! I take my husband surname.... but I don't have it as a name of a company!!
Mish : How about a long hypenated Courtney-Desborough? AKA Mrs C-D? :) xoxo
Mish : But in saying that...even though I knew you before you were a Courtney, and even though I love Rob to bits I will probably always think of you as a Courtney no matter what you decide to go with! :) xoxo
Jane Hellings : definitely not
Barack Obama : 'time for change'
Davidnca :
THE BRIDE : Fabulous as we are - Obama is not coming to the wedding. Loving this chat but Rob is feeling like the silent majority are letting him down and thought he could get away with that random comment :-) xx
THE BRIDE : According to the amazing Ms Hellings (married to Mr Holloway..) the Earls of Devonshire were Courtneys in the 15th century before (and I quote her here :-) those arriviste Cavendishes even had chimneys to their homes - the Desboroughs weren't enobled until late C19!! I think keeping my name is in the lead at 12th May 2011..... :-)
Barnypok : Ye2fsQ
GoldenTabs : OGclo

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