Monday 31st December 2012 - Married for 2214 days

About Us


RobThey just don't make English gentlemen like this any more.

Quaffing petrol head masterchef - nobody does it better...


Emma They really shoudn't make Irish women like this any more.

Arts and animal loving dinner party diva - nobody does it like me...

How we met...

Rob had moved to the curious and dangerous place, the People's Republic of Bangor to set up a business with some uni friends. One said uni friend (and now best man) happened to be one of Emma's regular Cafe Ceol week night behaving badly dance chums who'd lived in norn iron a while before Rob arrived. Said (Scottish) chum brought posh English boy to pub on Neil Diamond night. High leg kicking and dancing on the bar was obligatory on Neil Diamond night.

An avid follower of health and safety rules Emma asked nearest boy to bar to hold her shoes while she danced on said bar. Very ignorant, rude but alarmingly sexy posh English boy said no - he would not hold shoes for bar dancing.

The boldness of such a response started much debate and posh gorgeous English boy was written off as just rude/English. Until he arrived at dancing shoe girl's flat the next morning (having got the address off Scottish behaving badly chum) and positively insisted on taking her out to a (very posh) dinner after giving her milk tray (I kid you not) to apologise for being such a cad.

Said girl hooked from that point forth ...

...They became an 'official' item on 21st April 2001 two weeks after meeting but were soulmates and destined to be together from the creation of this marvellous universe. Which is funny really because you couldn't find two more different people on this wee planet but hey - we think that's what true ever lasting love is all about.


The proposal...

We got an amazing amazing deal flying upper class to a 5* resort in Jamaica in Nov 2010 - we hadn't had a proper holiday in ages and had been working like mad things so were sooo looking forward to completely getting away from it all.

I (Emma) can genuinely say the thought of getting engaged didn't enter my mind - poor Rob kept trying to book us a romantic dinner on the beach which I wouldn't let him do as all the bloomin restaurants were on the beach and it seemed a wild waste of money - poor boy.

I was completely shell shocked when, after four days of utter bliss we climbed to an amazing vantage point overlooking the water and he had me in his arms all 'Jack and Rose Titanic end of boat pose' and he asked me if I'd do him the honor of being his wife.

OK - so first reaction was that he was taking the piss - second reaction was to try and test his resolve...why on earth would we do 'that' 'now' after ten years, think of all the things we could spend a wedding budget on, was this to do with him, god forbid, wanting babies, how could we possibly integrate the English and the Irish families even if only for 1 day with drink involved, was he drunk?....

A sad fact of how well that boy knows me is that once I'd babbled all this out he then got down on one knee and said,

"I knew you'd be like this and my knee's not great so didn't want to get down sooner but now that you've got all that off your chest would you please be my wife?"


He'd bought me a saphire eternity ring because he wanted me to have a ring for the proposal and knows I love saphires (way before Ms Middleton decided to make them fashionable - ahem!) and we were going to choose the 'proper' ring together when we got home but fate being fate there was a wet morning where we decided to peruse the resort shops - one of which was a very high class jeweller servicing all the cruise ships coming in. I saw an absolutely amazing ring in the window - tanzanite and diamond and as there was no tax on it we got it for an amazing price too so the first engagment ring is from Hampstead and the second is from Jamaica mon. And they're both fabulous.

And so ends the proposal story.