Monday 31st December 2012 - Married for 2214 days


OK but seriously - it's AGES away so will sort this nearer the time :-) But just to give you the heads up on a very very rough timetable for now.

Ceremony starting at 1:27pm sharp so we have a modicum of light for photos after. We have some fun activities planned post ceremony for guests and will probably head into eat around 4:30/5pm. Dinner followed by speeches should be over around 7pm then dancing the night away with a few wee surprises that you've come to expect from Rob and I!

Sing song and drinking in the bar continues until the last person is standing - not unknown to be 10am the next morning in that part of the world so instruments and strong stomaches welcome...

This really is back of a fag packet planning and we promise to make it a beautiful military precision timeline by the time your official invites arrive in 2012!